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How to Build a Vehicle Information Page

You can watch the following demo video for in step by step instruction on how to build your on vehicle for quoting.

Written Instruction

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9

Step 10

Select Build Your Vehicle on our main website at

You can choose from many major brands.


Then Select a model year.



Now Select desired model.

Depending on the types of vehicles offered by the manufacturer, vehicles are categorized by cars, vans, SUVs, trucks, cab/chassis/cutaway and we also offer Heavy Duty Class 6,7 and 8 trucks. As you scroll through the categories, if a particular model you are interested in is grayed out and not clickable, don’t worry! This means the model is still available but waiting for next model year to be released.

On the next page you can select options for body type, drive train, and cargo box length.

Select and Continue with desired Trim Level.

In this page you can click to view general info, technical specifications, what comes standard in the vehicle, Hide options, configuration checklist, and colors.

Understanding The Legend

Black Check mark means selected.

A green cross indicates that this option is included by another option.  

A yellow exclamation states that this option is required by another option. 

A blue triangle implies that option has been replaced by an upgraded option.

A red X indicates that a prior selection has restricted this option and cannot be added to the vehicle unless the previous option is unselected.  Don’t worry about making mistakes! Our website will tell you what options you have and any necessary changes to be made prior to proceeding. 

In this page you will be able to select options for the following:

Engine, Transmission, Wheels, Tires, Primary Paint, Paint Scheme, Seat Type, Axle Ratio, Additional Equipment, Option Package and see the MSRP Price.

All factory options are available to choose so feel free to explore them.

Click View the Sourcewell Price Report; In this page you will see your Sourcewell Contract Price compared to the MSRP and view your contract savings! You can select to print your quote with or without lease options.

At this point of the process, you can personalize the title of  your quote for an easy find, edit quantity and additional Keys. If applicable, enter your tax rate here.  


You may also use our note section to specify any additional equipment regarding your quote request so our team can reach out to you; These can include upfit requirements and more.


Click to Generate your quote! The quote will also automatically be saved in your dashboard for future edits.


Please note that selected options override standard equipment.

Generating a quote does not start an order, so feel free to create as many quotes as you wish. Nothing is ordered until we receive a purchase order from you. 


If you wish to proceed with your Sourcewell contract quote, please submit this quote packet to your governing body for approval.


Once approved and you are ready to submit a purchase order, please follow the included instructions on page 2 of the quote packet.


Once your purchase order is received and processed, you will be able to track your vehicle through our ETA Tracking system 24 hours a day.  The ETA system can track your vehicle status up to delivery.

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