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December 13, 2022 at 12:48:26 AM

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25597 Springbrook Ave, Lachberg


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Jason Lachberg


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Marathon’s heritage in the Truck Body Industry dates back over the last forty years, into the early 1970s. Specializing in Box Vans, Stakes Beds, Contractor, Reefer, Dump, Chipper and Moving Bodies. Ready to assist you!!

Up fits offered:

Box Bodies Composite Service Bodies Concrete Bodies Dump Bodies Drop Side Dump Bodies Contractor Bodies Construction Bodies Landscape Dump bodies Landscaper Bodies Lift Gates Refrigerated Bodies Rigid Side Dump Bodies Stake Bed Bodies Standard Forestry Bodies Heavy Drop Side Contractor Bodies

Brands we work with: 

Ford --- Chevrolet --- Ram --- Dodge --- Mack --- Kenworth --- Freighliner --- Peterbilt --- Isuzu --- Volvo

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