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March 30, 2022 at 12:52:21 PM

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Ben Nelson

(503) 548-9300

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Tow Trucks, Aerial Trucks, Customized Commercial Bodies and huge assortment of Aftermarket Truck Accessories.

Up fits offered:

Aerial Device Aluminum Service Bodies Aluminum Toolboxes Box Bodies Cargo Hauler Platform Bodies Concrete Bodies Construction Bodies Contractor Bodies Crane Bodies Drop Side Dump Bodies Dump Bodies Emergency Response Units Gooseneck Bodies Head Ache Racks Heavy Drop Side Contractor Bodies Heavy Hauler Platform Bodies hitching/Winches Systems Hoists KUV Bodies KUVcc Bodies Ladder Racks Landscape Dump bodies Landscaper Bodies Lift Gates Light Bars Line Bodies Mechanics Trucks Prisoner Transport Ranch Bodies Rigid Side Dump Bodies Snow Plows Stake Bed Bodies Standard Forestry Bodies Truck Caps Utility/Service Bodies Value Master X Platform Van Interior Equipment K9 Transport Push Bumpers Camera Systems

Brands we work with: 

Ford --- Chevrolet --- Ram --- Dodge --- Freighliner --- Isuzu --- Peterbilt --- Kenworth --- Mack --- Volvo

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