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November 28, 2022 at 11:04:01 PM

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w237n2878 Woodgate Rd suite 2, Pewaukee, WI 53072, USA


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James Howay


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Odyne sells electrification systems for MHD vehicles since 2009, zero emissions engine-off solutions: generator replacement (ePWR), hydraulic and compressor equipment operations (ePTO), eTRU, idle reduction, electric cab AC, plug-in hybrid drive (PHEV), ICE and EV work trucks, step vans

Up fits offered:

Alternative Fuel Upfits

Brands we work with: 

Mack --- Kenworth --- Freighliner --- Peterbilt --- Ford

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Examples of Participating Products:

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ZEV Utility van w/ Exp Power

FCCC MT50e ZEV chassis step van w/ Odyne's 6kW to 12kW exportable power and 35kWH Li-ion battery pack.

Generator Deleted.

Eagle Adult.jpg

Compressor Truck

Underdeck hydraulically driven BOSS hydraulic lift and compressor mounted on an IHC 4x2 chassis.

Consumers Energy.

Eagle Adult.jpg

Aerial Bucket Truck

Work site zero emissions ePTO, ePWR, and launch assist.

Cust: DoD. Location: Pearl Harbor

Eagle Adult.jpg

Articulating Crane

Fassi F80 articulating crane mounted on an IHC Durastar 4x2 chassis

Eagle Adult.jpg

Utility Walk-In Van

Utilimaster on Freightliner custom chassis w/ Allison 2000 series, 14.2kW exportable pwr, Team Fenix air delivery system

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